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Wildlife Photography: Florida Frogs

For the last several Thanksgivings, we've road-tripped from Oklahoma all the way to the east coast of Florida, to celebrate with my [now] in-laws and all their friends and family. When I'm not helping my Mom-in-Law with the cooking, I like to get out and enjoy the different environment and wildlife Florida offers.

One of the big differences between Oklahoma and Florida are frogs and geckos... lots of them! Also, fun fact: this latest Thanksgiving there was a gecko that had gotten inside, and I worked on catching it to get it back outside where it could eat all the bugs its heart desired. The lesson learned? Albeit not painful, they can still bite! Somehow I'd managed 30 years of my life not realizing lizards could get a good enough grip on a finger to clamp down dangle from it... well I know now :-D

Anyways, aside from the geckos, Florida also has plenty of frogs (in Oklahoma we see toads more often than frogs) and in one of the banana trees in the backyard of the house we were staying in, I saw this little guy just chilling among the bananas. I rushed inside to get my camera, although quickly realized he wasn't going anywhere soon, which let me practice my manual settings and focus to get this final shot:

It's just an ordinary frog, but I love the water droplets from the latest thunderstorm and just how content he was to just chill out in the middle of a bunch of unripened bananas.

Please share if you see extraordinary beauty in anything that other people might deem more "common" or not as special, I can't be the only one that's still fascinated in frogs at 30 years old!!!


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