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Hey! I'm LJ, nice to meet you!

I love color & NATURE

As an artist, I strive to create vibrant and colorful work that captures the beauty of things in our world, and to also draw attention to the uniqueness and complexity of our environment. My art is a reflection of my fascination with the bold originality of nature, and I use my art as a means of expressing myself and raising awareness of our surroundings.

I am inspired by our planet with its turquoise waters, green forests, ever-changing skies, and the presence of thousands of species of vibrant plants and animals. Using my art, I aim to capture the essence of fascination and curiosity with my subjects. I strive to find the vibrancy within a seemingly bland subject, and to cause viewers to do a double-take on a subject in a painting.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create work that sparks wonder and appreciation, and moves people to action in their own lives to leave their environment a better place than they found it in. I believe art has the power to shine a spotlight on species, individuals and organizations that are a benefit to our world. Art has the power to unite people and nature, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with the world.

From Accountant to artist to MOM!

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I've always had a fascination with art, photography and color. For most of my life, art served as a passive hobby as I attended to Oklahoma Christian University, graduated with a degree in accounting, and spent the first decade out of college as an accountant. After meeting and marrying Jamie, another fellow accountant (exciting right??) he saw my passion for art and photography, and with his encouragement and support, I went to working part-time as an accountant so I could dedicate more time and energy into growing my art into something more than just a weekend/free-time hobby. Then, in 2023, I have birth to the happiest baby ever, which is providing extra motivation and challenge to putting effort into my art (and maybe raising a little artist instead of a third accountant lol) ​

what else is there to know about me?

 If I could only eat one food the rest of my life it would be Torchy's queso, I drink iced coffee even in the middle of winter, and I like my cupcakes to be equal parts icing to cake ratio.
My favorite music to listen to switches between rich soundtracks or super energetic bops (as you can see by my music playlists). I love horror books, shows & movies, and have a real problem with starting a new craft, investing heavily in it for a month, then getting distracted with something new.
If you're into all those personality-analytic things: I'm an Ambivert, Type 9, ISFP, Scorpio, Year of the Rabbit (And so is my daughter!), A "Rebel" (from the Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin) and my 5 Clifton Strengths are Adaptability, Maximizer, Ideation, Intellection, and Input.  

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