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Hey! I'm LJ, nice to meet you!

I love nature and color

As you look through my art and photography, you will probably notice a variety of subjects and styles. However, I find myself always going back to the natural world, and showcasing the vibrant colors that exist here. I love that such rich shades of oranges, blues and greens (and all the other colors as well) exist out there, and I love how you can find the most amazing scene or creature in just about every place, you just need to pause and take the time to look for them.

I hope my art will bring energy and appreciation to you, whether that is in the emotions the artwork invokes or the ideas it inspires in you, or even if it simply makes you look at living on this planet in a brighter way, or with a bit more awe and appreciation. 

my start as an accountant

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I've always had a fascination with art, photography and color. However for most of my life, those played a passive role as I went to university, got a degree in accounting, and spent the first decade of my career as an accountant. After a lot of pep talks from my husband, in 2019 I took a leap and went to being a part-time accountant so that I could dedicate more time to art and painting, to grow it into something more than just a weekend/free-time hobby.  ​

no school? no problem!

The beauty of the internet is that one no longer needs to attend a formal school to learn a skill. Over the years, I've been working to gain as much knowledge about art and photography as I can from fellow artists, YouTube videos, blog posts, and online courses. In the past, education used to have to be either formal schooling or self-taught, but now, I'm experiencing this wonderful blend of education from both formal and informal sources (and just learning from my mistakes!)

what else is there to know about me?

I love jumping from adventure to adventure, trying new things (travels, foods, DIY projects, hobbies) and just really trying to find something special  from any experience or subject. I've been bungy jumping, sky diving, and cave-swimming (and loved all of those). I'm a recovering perfectionist.
My husband says I'm one of the weirdest people he's ever met (but he still married me so joke's on him!) I love playing video games, I think bugs/spiders are cool, I'm a big introvert that can wear a convincing extrovert face in social settings (and then I go home and recharge under fuzzy blankets). I love horror movies, house plants, and I am excellent at setting way too big of goals, not meeting them, then laying on the ground and concluding that I'm a failure (trying to work on doing this less!)

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