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Design Time!

A long-term goal of mine it to continue to not only develop traditional art skills, such as painting, drawing, etc, but to also learn how to become more proficient with digital art as well. There are SO many cool art programs out there, but I'm EXTREMELY intimidated by all of them. There's so much to learn, and so much you can do, I never know where to start!

But start I shall try! One way I plan on exercising my skills is to start with creating simple backgrounds that can be used as desktop or mobile phone wallpapers. And as a thank you for all your support, I'll always include the full-size versions of these for you, should you wish to download and use them yourself!

So welcome to my very first Download for Design Time!

Use it For your phone!

Use it for your computer!

Let it always remind you: You Are Wonderful!!


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