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Updated Gallery: Buds n' Bugs!

Hey everybody! It's been a minute, but I just wanted to hop in and share that I've added a plethora of new photos to my "Buds N' Bugs" gallery!

Last year the husband and I started a butterfly garden, and had so much fun growing the flowers and watching all the local wildlife, we knew that we wanted to do even more the following year!

And while we've planted probably 3 times more plants than last year, and quadrupled the size of our flower beds/butterfly gardens, our plants haven't all quite started blooming just yet. Once they do, I'll happily share some awesome pics of all the established flowers!

BUT, as I was reflecting on our progress, I realized I hadn't uploaded many/any of the photos I snapped in our butterfly garden, and that just won't do!

So if you go over to the Buds N Bugs Photo Gallery, page, you'll see quite a few new photos that weren't there before! And what's the most fun, is of all the new photos, nearly every single one of these was taken in our backyard! (The one exception are the bumblebee shots, those were taken at the OKC Zoo's Butterfly garden).

But please, feel free to check out the photos and let me know what you think!

Blessings and have a great day!


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