• LJ Rucker

Website/Name Change!

Back in 2015, I created this "EpicQuest4Crafts" website and related social media accounts to share the zillion craft hobbies I loved to do in my spare time.

And just like my website (Seriously, check out what it looked like back in 2016!) I have also changed a lot since then. Even with my arts and hobbies.

For a long time, I had a demanding work-life, to where I could only occasionally chase a craft project here and there. But when I did get into a craft, it was a near-obsessive maniacal crafting-until-2-A.M. I would do that for a month or two, then find something ELSE at the craft store that piqued my interest, and move on to that new project.

As you can see from the following pictures, I explored pottery-painting, jewelry-making, macrame, vinyl designs, cosplay, rock painting, fiber art, interior design and perler beads (with a lot of those projects crossing over into video games/nerdiness)

And these were all super fun to do for sure, and given an extra weekend, I'd love to spend time doing these all over again! With most of these, I still take on the occasional commission from a local friend or family member.

But after a few years of jumping from craft to craft, I started to ask myself "What is my purpose with these... what is my endgame with how I'm spending my free time??"

"Could I see myself doing this same thing over and over for the next 5 years?"

"Do I want to turn this specific craft into a revenue-generating project?"

And for all of these, my answer was a pretty immediate "No. I do not want to do this and only this for the next 5 years."

But you know what I could do, and have done for the next 5, 10, 15+ years?

Painting and Photography.

I've been doing painting and photography since I could hold a camera/paintbrush, and both those things still bring me the same joy today as they did 10 years ago.

And especially with transitioning to a part-time job to specifically have more time to do art, I've realized that I want to get more serious with how I spend my art-time.

And I'm gonna get real here for a minute.