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My GOAL Planner for 2019!

A new year means reflecting on the old year, analyzing what did and didn't work, and coming up with a new plan of attack!

Of all the friends and family that have encouraged me throughout my life, nobody has supported me more in my quest for a creative career than my husband.

For my birthday two Octobers, he surprised me with this book by Christy Wright called "Business Boutique." It's aimed at women that want to start their own business, and takes them through the steps to achieve that goal.

I LOVED the book and it meant a lot that he got it for me to support me in this venture.

Well, this past October year, for my birthday... HE DID IT AGAIN.

Presenting... *blaring trumpets* The 2019 GOAL PLANNER!

Back in middle and high school, when you got a school-issued agenda, I was really good and diligent about tracking all my assignments and events. However, after college, I lost a bit of that trait. In the last year or two, I re-discovered planners through all the awesome choices you can find at stores now (and tons of amazing Creatives have creative and sold their own planners!) However, most of my recent planner enthusiasm stemmed from the fun sticker books you could buy as accessories to a shiny planner.

Aaaaaaand unfortunately for most of 2018, my "planning" time was only spent filling up pages with their respective holiday/season stickers rather than actual commitments and goals. Not exactly the most beneficial use of a planner.

In addition, my life wasn't really in a spot where a planner benefitted me all that much. I worked a typical 8-5 office job, rarely had evening appointments that merited recording in the planner. I did certainly use it in the beginning of the year, and if you'll remember from my post back in February, I tried to stick to my goals for a short bit.

But ultimately I didn't develop significant enough habits to make that large an impact for most of 2018.

HOWEVER, 2019 is bringing about some BIG changes for me, some of them scary ones.

I'm changing to a part-time job as I work on spending more time developing my art skills and creative career. The days I go to work are going to vary, and there's no telling what evening/weekend art jobs I may end up taking on.

More importantly though, this planner is SO much more than a calendar. Christy Wright made this planner to help people write and plan out their goals for the year, which is something I'm abhorrent at.

Each month, there is a new goal to focus on, and I am super determined to stick to my planner guns this year and commit to seeing this one through the whole of 2019. I've got several other resources to help me along this path as well.

I'll write more about each of these as their respective month happens, but I wanted to share the overarching theme for each month in this planner!

January - Setting Goals

February - Facing Our Fears

March - Making Money

April - Staying Motivated

May - Managing Our Time

June - Checking in On Goals

July - Mastering Marketing

August - Taking Care of You

September - Getting Ready for Christmas

October - Maximizing Social Media

November - Serving Through Selling

December - Finishing Strong

I LOVE how she has already helped people pre-determine some goals for each month, and before each month's calendar, there's a series of lessons and question prompts to ask yourself. Again, I'll share those as the time comes, but for now I just wanted to show off my shiny new planner, AND to show that I'm ALREADY thinking about the new year and preparing my mind for the big changes that are to come!

If you've picked out a new planner for 2019, I'd love to hear what you're using. There are a ton of great options out there, and I'd love to see what everybody is using!

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