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Freebie - Printable BOOK Bookmark

(The links to the downloads are at the bottom of this article!)

Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing well and coping as best as you can, seeing as how we are all definitely living in some strange times right now. More than anything, I hope you all are staying safe and healthy.

Several of you out there have suddenly had your schedules opened WAY up, and you're now wondering what you should do with all your unexpected free time.

Others of you, however, have suddenly lost ALL your free time as you have taken on the role of a full-time employee working from home, while ALSO being a full-time parent, AND if your child is in school, you're having to make sure they are paying attention to any distance-learning they may have.

I was brainstorming, trying to think of a way to create something that could help individuals in EITHER of these camps, and I wanted to share the results of what I came up with!

I give you, the book-tracking bookmark (aka BOOKmark)!

The idea behind this is that you can print it out and use it as a bookmark (duh).

BUT IN ADDITION, as you finish books/blogs/fanfictions, you can write the names down on the blank books to help track your progress! I even added a Start/Finish date on the backside, so you can track whenever you want, whether you want this to be a full year thing, or just a "while we are social distancing" thing.

OR, if reading isn't your thing, this bookmark has a total of 25 blank spots, and you can use this as a type of habit tracker! You can use this to track whatever you want, whether it's exercise, exploring a new hobby, journaling, reading your bible, drawing something, not leaving the house, or cooking meals at home.

Look, if you can achieve it 25 days out of the month, I consider that a MASSIVE success (also I was trying to keep the spaces big enough to actually write stuff in, hence the true reason why there's only 25 blank spaces!)

And for those parents out there, don't worry, I gotchu' fam!

If your kid is of the reading age, you can definitely use this as an encouragement tool, saying for every book they finish, they can write the name of the book, or just color it in if they're not quite writing yet.

BUT because I also overthink EVERYTHING, I've come up with several OTHER ways you can use this as a useful tool:

- They can color in/date a book for every day of virtual school they attend

- Every time they play outside, they can mark off a book

- If you want to encourage learning, you can let them color in/write in a book if they can give you 5 facts about a subject

- They can fill in a book for every chore they do, or if they go a day doing something you want, or not doing something you DON'T want!

- If they have siblings, they can color in a book for every time they entertain said sibling!

...and if all else fails, give this to them, tell them to color it, and you'll at least get 5 (maybe?) minutes of quiet time to yourself!!




You can just print it out, and either fold it and glue/tape it together, or completely cut both pieces out, and glue them to construction paper or cardstock if you want something that is a bit sturdier!


I made this file for those that would want to print them and immediately be able to use them. I went ahead and wasted a few extra pieces of paper, so you don't have to!

When you click on the link, you should just be able to click the printer icon, then you'll bring up your printer options.

Click on "More settings," and when you do, make sure you select:

"FIT TO PRINTABLE AREA" (otherwise you'll have some extra lines in the margins)

and for double-sided printing, select

"FLIP ON SHORT EDGE." If you don't, when it prints, it'll print the backside out upside down (which isn't THAT big a deal, so you do you!)


And for anybody that shares, prints or uses this, however you choose, I would ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT. if you share your bookmark creations with me!

If this free resource helps even one parent or child out, I will consider it time ABSOLUTELY well spent!

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, please tag me @EpicQuests4Crafts! I would love to see the ingenious ways you guys use this to make your social-distancing life easier!




Good luck, stay safe out there, keep on keeping on, and PLEASE keep washing your hands!

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