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Creations of the Creator Gotta Create!

"I want to create beautiful things even if nobody cares."

Humans love to create.

Creating things can come in lots of different forms:

It can be through photography, painting, music, writing, sculpture, or other kinds of art.

Gardeners grow/create food, flowers, herbs, trees, all different types of things.

Athletes create muscle, flexibility, stamina, or even world records.

We create relationships with friends and family, and even create additions to the family with dating, marriage, kids, extended family, pets, and even houseplants!

Teachers create the future generation of leaders.

Accountants create spreadsheets and reports that help drive a business to success.

Engineers create blueprints, plans and machines that improve life.

Counselors create new healthy relationships, coping mechanisms, and recovery plans.

In every industry, you could come up with a way that a job or career "creates" something.

Even smaller daily things, like watering a plant, printing a picture, expressing a deep thought, or sharing an online article can inspire and create something new in somebody else that sees what you shared. I think this innate desire to create comes from the notion that we come from a God, who the very first thing we know about is that he "created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1, literally the beginning of the Bible), and shortly later we read we are "Created in the image of God, with his likeness" (Genesis 1:26). Again, that's a super brief summary of my thoughts on the matter, but in the end, I just think that

Creations of the Creator gotta Create!

I've entertained this idea through the years without really talking about it, but it was only after reading a recent post from an artist I follow, that I felt strong enough to want share my thoughts on the matter as well! Sarah Cray, is the artist at "Let's Make Art" and offers amazing (AND FREE!) step-by-step painting tutorials that are really fun. She started up her business within the last few years, and it's been so much fun watching her explode with success.

This is what she shared the other day:

There are a lot of people that only create for the money, or the popularity. While that in itself isn't wrong, I think that to TRULY benefit from your creations and keep at them long-term, you should also have a passion and enjoyment from it.

Sure, in a perfect world your creations would check all the boxes: money, popularity, and happiness.

But if you had to choose only one of those, which would it be?

For me, it would be the happiness/passion, hands down.

Whenever I make something I'm really proud of, I'm basically this otter:

Even if nobody likes it online, even if it never hits peak internet fame or makes any money, even if I'm the only one that ever appreciates it (or reads it!), I will still be proud of what I made, therefore I will keep at it.

Besides, you'll never be able to guess how your creations might inspire others! Sarah Cray sharing her thoughts inspired me to create this blog post, and maybe somebody reading this post will be inspired to create something else!

So whoever you are, I hope you find that spark of creation that you enjoy, that you'll share your creations with others (or me!), and never give it up!

“Make beautiful things even if nobody cares! Make not so beautiful things! Make things that people might never see and lives in the bottom of your drawer forever or make something that you want to show the world! As long as you are enjoying the process, that is reason enough to keep doing it." - Sarah Cray @Let's Make Art

Stay Creative!


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