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My First Timelapse Videos!

Back in 2013, I bought my first DLSR camera. For the first year, I spent a lot of time learning all the ins and outs of photography, including all the fun camera accessories you can buy as well!

One of those add-on items I bought was a remote time-lapse shutter. Nowadays camera equipment is so advanced even things like a GoPro can capture a killer time-lapse, but back then all I had was my DLSR camera and a desire to learn, so I used my camera and tried all sorts of fun little time-lapse photography projects!

These videos are VERY rough (I was still learning the difference between automatic and manual settings in the first video, which you can definitely tell) and there's nothing horribly exciting about them, just some sunsets and clouds.

HOWEVER, when I look back on these videos, regardless of how good/bad they are or how much I've improved since 2014, I have really fond memories.

I remember getting excited as I set up the tripod and camera, deciding on the camera lens and time-lapse settings to use. I remember checking on the camera dozens of times, wondering if the pictures would turn out right at the end. As I sat and let the camera do its thing, I would usually stick close-by, either sketching, journaling, or just enjoying the scenery alongside the camera. I remember feeling relied when I finished loading the THOUSANDS of photos onto my computer happy that they were decent enough to not have to scrap the whole project (that also happened though!). I had fun learning the video editing software to make the time-lapse look good, and deciding on the music that would best go along best with the time-lapse. Finally, I remember the pride I felt as I watched the final project, proud of what I put together, regardless of what anyone thought.

For me, these videos are a fun reminder of the passion and joy I had working on these projects.

Even though I didn't become a professional time-lapse photographer (is that even a thing?) and I haven't even really played around with time-lapse photography since these videos, I still think they are worth celebrating, because they're just another piece of my artistic journey, and one of the reasons why I am where I am today!

Hope you enjoy!


TIMELAPSE #1: Lake Hefner at Sunset


TIMELAPSE #2: Sunset in a backyard


TIMELAPSE #3: Cloud-watching off my apartment patio


Thanks for watching!



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