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Can you edit my photos?

I want to help make your photos something you are proud of! But before any editing is done, there are a few questions to ask to make sure I can effectively edit your photos:

are the photos in "raw" format?

Simple devices, such as cell phones and the older point-and-shoot cameras, capture images in a compressed format called .jpeg. In order to maximize your investment in my editing services, the photos need to be in RAW format, which is easily found/used on most DSLR devices. If you're unsure what format your images are in or how to change your settings to RAW, I will happily help answer your questions and figure that out!

Are the photos in focus?

There are many issues photo editing programs can fix, but an out-of-focus picture isn't one of them. While images with a slight blur can be improved, extreme blur of the people/subjects can't be undone. Because even blurry pictures can have sentimental value, I will still help with adjusting the rest of the image, but I can't magically bring a blurry image into sharp focus

do you have permission to edit these photos?

If you took the photos, then great, you have that permission and I'll happily edit them! However, if somebody else took these photos, because they are the original owners of them, I will want some way to confirm they granted permission to have them edited. If it was a close friend or family that usually isn't a problem. If the original images were taken by another professional photographer however, I will definitely want to communicate with them, as I do not want to unintentionally alter another person's passionate work.

If you can answer "Yes" to all these questions, then awesome! We have a great candidate for some photo editing magic!

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