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Once upon a time when I lived on my own, I designed my apartment bedroom around one of my favorite game franchises, "Portal." It's a short but fantastic puzzle game full of witty dialogue and plot twists, and I thought it would be awesome to design a room around one of the rooms you explore in the game. I even worked with an engineering friend to create two "realistic" portals, using the infinity mirror concept.

When I shared my finished results online, it got pretty popular on several outlets. It made the front page of Reddit (woo!), was featured on Kotaku (also woo!), Buzzfeed, and was linked to in a number of "Top 10 video game room" posts and things like that, and even had a page about it in Playstation magazine. (If you click on the logos above, you can go to all the original articles!)


One comment I remember is a person shared it with everybody, calling the the "biggest win in interior design history." Now clearly that is inaccurate, but it's been so encouraging to see I'm not the only weird person that loves mixing interior design with imagination!

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