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Senior Pics: Then vs. Now

4 years ago, I did my VERY FIRST senior photoshoot. This was also only the 2nd or 3rd people-focused photo session I'd ever done, as I was/am more a wildlife/landscape photographer.

Back then, I was not confident AT ALL in my ability to pose and photograph people.

But fast forward to today... and my confidence hasn't improved at all.

Just kidding!

(...but also kinda not kidding?? Imposter Syndrome is REAL y'all)

Anyways, back in 2017 I took Emily's high school graduation pics.

This last weekend, we met up again, only this time I took her COLLEGE graduation photos (Congrats Emily!!!). It was so crazy to think that it's already been 4 years since that first photoshoot! Looking back, even though I have learned and improved a lot with my photography process, I still really, really enjoy the photos I took back in 2017. I remember I was doing the best I could with the knowledge I had, and I put a lot of hard work into the photos and thinking through how I shot and edited them. I know that in four more years, whatever photos I take I'll still look back on these, and while I may see some differences based on my skill/what I've learned, I will still really, really enjoy these ones too.

That's the fun things with photos/memories/art/anything really... even if you grow and improve and feel you are "better" at something today vs. a few years ago... it's all part of the same journey, so it's thanks to where you used to be, that you are where you are today! It's kind of similar to one of my favorite quotes, which is "The Master has failed more times than the beginner has tried" even though I don't view any of these photos as failures (but there WERE plenty of blurry/failed photos that never even made it to the editing floor!)

Another thing that makes these before/after pictures REALLY fun... is that I'm using the exact same equipment in both sessions. Same camera body (Canon Rebel T6i) and a prime 50mm lens. So any improvement you see/don't see is purely in the taking and editing of the photo itself... neato!

So please enjoy this "Then vs. Now" Senior gallery!


And yet, even though I really enjoy all the photos I took this year, nothing will compare to my original photo/photoshop masterpiece from 2017 (I wouldn't be surprised if this was still Emily's favorite photo as well)

Congrats on [both] graduations Emily! :-D See you in another 4 years!

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